Theme: Death

Komal Keshran @the4thholmes writes: As she glanced upwards, she could just make out the silhouette of a pale steed, as the man upon it whispered, “Come.” Ethan Hedman @EthanTypesWords writes: The avalanche enveloped the mountaineer’s body. In the end he felt calm, warm, and wished only for cold lemonade. Leigh Koszarsky @Koszarsky writes: It was […]

Theme: Language

Sheila Regan @Sheila_Regan Lies behind the microwave, underneath the sink and in your drink. I smell the lies, taste them too. I keep lies from you too. Angela Treviño @AngieTrev16 writes: “I live on the borders of American and Mexicano; shifting my tongue from sambas y bachatas to hip hop and pop.” Heena Khan @heenak_ […]


Winner: Olivia Germann @sparklecyanide writes: I miss your warm touch keeping you in the fridge has made you cold and stiff Runner Ups: Poet Christopher @TheRealPoetC writes: Falsifying the Information just for the Betterment of self. Luci Moody @lucimoodywrite writes: Motel 6 downtown Full of pretty, painted girls What’s your price to stay? Susan Martin […]


Michael Chapey @mchapey writes: I miss you most when I’m watering my garden. The growing of the flowers reminds me of the scent of your kerchief. Chris Mariano @dementedchris writes: “Their fingers unraveled until she became just another one of his loose ends.” Luci Moody @lucimoodywrite writes: “I thought you would make me whole, but […]