Twitterature – July: Open Theme Winners

Here are the winning tweets from our July contest.


“The S-Bahn strings us along from station to station — there is one stop named “wedding” though you say that doesn’t mean anything in German.”

By. Matthew Landrum

“We met each other on the hillside. I had kissed another lover there. His skin was foreign, and I couldn’t help but think that he was trespassing on your land.”

By. Komal Keshran

“The arms of sunglasses hug windswept hair as hefty men in wife beaters flip grates of chicken at church barbecues. The sparklers sizzle like shining summer stars.”

By. Misty Yarnail


“Crimson and umber waterfalls cascading down my legs; I was reminded of the life I’d lost with each drop.”

By. J.D. Howse



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