Olivia Germann
@sparklecyanide writes:

I miss your warm touch
keeping you in the fridge has
made you cold and stiff

Runner Ups:

Poet Christopher
@TheRealPoetC writes:

Falsifying the
Information just for the
Betterment of self.

Luci Moody
@lucimoodywrite writes:

Motel 6 downtown
Full of pretty, painted girls
What’s your price to stay?

Susan Martin
‪@drsusanferguson writes:

‪Modern day emo‬
‪Bingeing The Decemberists‬
‪Ibuprofen queen ‬

Bill Garten
@billgartenpoet writes:

Black wind chimes twisting
Like my emotions all night
This is my music

Renoir Gaither
@RenoirGaither writes:

Fruit flies tug at slack
strings tied to strawberry kites
locked inside the fridge

J.D. Howse

@realJDHowse writes:
Looking inwardly,
Rose-colored glasses do see,
Life’s truth and beauty.

Amy Gavin

@amygavin writes:

Two hearts beat alone
echoing in empty space.
Pain ebbs and joy flows.

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