Theme: Language

Sheila Regan
Lies behind the microwave, underneath the sink and in your drink. I smell the lies, taste them too. I keep lies from you too.

Angela Treviño
@AngieTrev16 writes:
“I live on the borders
of American and Mexicano;
shifting my tongue from
sambas y bachatas
to hip hop and pop.”

Heena Khan
@heenak_ writes: He was beckoning me to come, I thought. I couldn’t hear him at first, under the din of china and music and people. The restaurant was full house. He was playing the piano, his notes often flitting over me, I would like to think. When I got nearer, I still couldn’t hear him, except for his music. When my ears touched his lips, I still couldn’t hear him, except for his kiss. He wasn’t speaking, and I smiled into my ears. We were talking in sign language for the rest of our years.

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