Theme: Death

Komal Keshran

@the4thholmes writes: As she glanced upwards, she could just make out the silhouette of a pale steed, as the man upon it whispered, “Come.”

Ethan Hedman

@EthanTypesWords writes: The avalanche enveloped the mountaineer’s body. In the end he felt calm, warm, and wished only for cold lemonade.

Leigh Koszarsky

@Koszarsky writes: It was comfortable and the silk pillow was a nice touch. The only problem was the six feet of dirt above.

Carlos Roman

@Roman_Writes: You sweep in—the citrus trees you prong and the berry bushes you imbue. The roots you pierce and the air you permeate—all in fair season.

Sherry Williams

@sgw1972 writes if I’d known I wasn’t going to see him again I would have been nicer, I would have kissed him one more time. Too late now.

Jason Bradley

@Bradleytutoring writes:”Her
stepfather fell to his drunken death
down oak steps in a funereal smelling, damp,
dark home in trippy Mississippi.”

Lisa Frances Cole

@lisafcole writes: People were frightened of the undiscovered country. For who would bear the unknowable mysteries? No traveler returns.

John Williams

@Beardabull writesL He told me it was his duty. They didn’t ask and he didn’t tell and War does not discriminate.







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